Boca Chica Brewing is now Starbase Brewing!

Back in December, we unveiled our vision of the brewery of the future. One of our many goals was to bring awareness to Mars Colonization efforts taking place in South Texas through the art of brewing delicious craft beer. In this way, we could excite people everywhere about humanity's future in space. We called this project Boca Chica Brewing -- named for the tiny beach that is home to the most advanced and inspiring rocket facility in the world.

In early March, rumors began flying that the Boca Chica area might soon be re-organized into a new city. This city was to be called Starbase, and plans were being laid out to develop it into the world's first real spaceport. We were intrigued...


Elon Musk's first Starbase tweet: "Creating the city of Starbase, Texas"

Elon's first tweet about Starbase, Texas


Since then, more details have been revealed. Starbase will be an entire city dedicated to one overarching goal: getting humans to Mars. We believe wholeheartedly in this vision because it aligns very closely with our own mission: to brew the first beer on Mars.

To that end, we're excited to announce that our name is officially changing from Boca Chica Brewing to Starbase Brewing to support the Starbase efforts. We are thrilled to see South Texas become the "Gateway to Mars", and we hope to earn our title soon as the Official Brewery of Mars.

After all, what better headquarters for a brewery of the future, than in the city of the future?