Our Mission

What drives us?

Obviously, creating great craft beer is our biggest motivator. Apart from that though, every decision at Starbase Brewing is driven by our underlying mission which is spread across three distinct objectives. Fundamentally, our goals are entirely centered around building public support for Mars Colonization.

Objective 1: Boost Public Support for Space Exploration

  • Develop a line of unique beers designed to educate the public on the benefits of space exploration. More specifically, we will focus on raising awareness for Mars Colonization efforts taking place in South Texas.
  • Donate 1% of all profits to support science education. Host events and fundraisers in partnership with local non-profits, schools, government, and other businesses around Texas.
  • Promote tourism to the city of Starbase within the state of Texas, across the country, and around the world. Ultimately, we want to do everything we can to get people excited about the future of humanity in space.

Objective 2: Build a Gathering Spot for the Space Community

  • Construct multiple state-of-the-art brewpubs around Texas, including at least one location in Cameron County.
  • Provide the ideal location for space meet-ups. The perfect place for locals to learn about the space industry, groups of tourists to watch launches, and space industry employees to celebrate major milestones.
  • Craft the ultimate brewery experience for space fanatics: live beer telemetry, space-themed livestreams & webcasts, launch parties, and more!

Objective 3: Explore the Future of Craft Beer in Space

  • Optimize brewery from the ground up for data collection, automation, and rapid iteration on beer manufacturing techniques. Utilize 100% renewables for all energy needs and offset all of our carbon.
  • Pursue vertical integration opportunities in reverse-osmosis water treatment, in-house yeast cultivation, warehouse robotics, hydroponic hop farming, and aluminum can production.
  • Establish the first brewery on Mars. Explore alternative ways to apply any technology advancements we have made to broader Mars Colonization efforts.