What is Starbase Texas?

Starbase is the world's first true spaceport located in South Texas. It is home to SpaceX's next-generation Starship rocket factory and launch pads, and is known as the "Gateway to Mars" among the space community. Within the next decade, the first manned missions to Mars will launch from the Starbase area.

Illuminated sign at the entrance of Starbase Texas

Sign at the entrance of Starbase. Photo by Cosmic Perspective.

Where is Starbase Texas?

Starbase is located in Cameron County in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. It is right off of Highway 4 and encompasses the small town of Boca Chica, which was previously known as Kopernik Shores. Major cities and tourist destinations nearby include Boca Chica Beach, Brownsville, South Padre Island, and Port Isabel.

Starbase Texas highlighted on a map

Daily Starbase Updates

To get the latest Starbase updates, consider following some of the prominent members of the community listed below who are active on X (Twitter), YouTube, and Patreon. There are many talented people who are constantly curating content for followers of SpaceX, Starbase, and the Starship program.

You'll find lots of different types of content in this list: everything from daily factory updates, to always-on livestreams, to high-quality YouTube content, to even weekly flyovers in a private plane. Many of these creators are making a living through this, so please support them in any way you can!

Official SpaceX https://x.com/SpaceX YouTube
Elon Musk https://x.com/elonmusk
LabPadre https://x.com/LabPadre YouTube Patreon
Anthony Gomez https://x.com/AnthonyFGomez
YouTube Patreon
CSI Starbase
YouTube Patreon
Jessica Kirsh https://x.com/jessica_kirsh YouTube Patreon
Rocket Future https://x.com/TheRocketFuture YouTube Patreon
Ellie in Space https://x.com/esherifftv YouTube Patreon
Joe Tegtmeyer https://x.com/JoeTegtmeyer YouTube Patreon
Everyday Astronaut
https://x.com/Erdayastronaut YouTube Patreon
Scott Manley
https://x.com/DJSnM YouTube Patreon
Marcus House https://x.com/marcushouse YouTube Patreon
Eric Berger https://x.com/SciGuySpace
Austin Barnard

Additionally, we recommend the following forums which curate much of the high-quality content into easily-digestible streams.

NASASpaceFlight https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com
SpaceX Subreddit https://reddit.com/r/spacex
SpaceXLounge Subreddit https://reddit.com/r/spacexlounge


Current Livestreams of Starbase Texas

There are many cameras constantly live-streaming the Starbase Texas area on YouTube. The two most prominent streaming channels are LabPadre and NASASpaceFlight. LabPadre's streams run 24/7, and allow viewers to quickly drop in and monitor the current status of construction at the Starbase factory and launch pads. NASASpaceFlight typically streams significant updates like major stacking events, static fires, and hop tests -- all with live commentary. Combined, these livestreams draw tens of thousands of viewers per day. This has earned Starbase the nickname of "most watched construction site in the world".

Nerdle Cam (LabPadre)

Rover Cam (LabPadre)

Sentinel Cam (LabPadre)

Lab Cam (LabPadre)

Sapphire Cam (LabPadre)

Replays of Successful Test Flights at Starbase

From static fires to rapid unscheduled disassemblies to orbital launch tower stacking, there have been some exciting events at Starbase over the past few years. The most significant achievements have been the test flights of various Starship prototypes.

Integrated Flight Test 2 (IFT-2) — S25B9 — November 18th, 2023

Integrated Flight Test 1 (IFT-1) — S24B7 — April 20th, 2023

SN15 Hop — May 5th, 2021

SN6 Hop — September 3rd, 2020

SN5 Hop — August 4th, 2020

Starhopper Hop — August 27th, 2019

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