Explorer's Club

  • Drink Starbase beer 🍺
  • Watch rocket launches 🚀
  • Earn space-themed brewery swag 🤑
  • Help ensure the long-term multi-planetary survival of the human race 🌎

    Want to earn free futuristic Martian swag just for drinking Starbase beers?

    It's pretty simple — just:

    1. Buy Starbase Beer at the store
    2. Send us a photo of your receipt using this form (or email the photo to points@starbasebrewery.com)
    3. We'll track your points automatically and you can spend them to get free Starbase merch!


    Point Values

    1 point per dollar spent Starbase Brewing purchases in grocery stores (requires proof via email or form upload)
    2 points per dollar spent
    Starbase Brewing purchases in grocery stores on certain launch weeks (requires proof via email or form upload)
    25 points Convince a new bar or liquor store to carry Starbase Brewing beer (requires secondary confirmation from the location)
    10 points Create account
    10 points Sign up for newsletter
    10 points Follow us on Instagram
    10 points

    Follow us on X/Twitter

    10 points Celebrate a birthday



    100 points Starbase Mission Patch
    300 points Starbase T-shirt
    400 points Starbase Hat
    500 points Starbase Hoodie
    ??? More coming soon!


    Future Martians

    Up for a real challenge? True Starbase fans have the ability to earn a Starbase Brewing Flight Jacket along with the title of "Future Martian"! Here's how:

    In addition to tracking your total points, we also track how many points you've earned for each specific beer.

    Earn 500 points for a particular beer and we'll send you a unique mission patch for that beer. For example, if you earn 500 Starhopped IPA points, you will receive a Starhopped IPA mission patch.

    These unique beer patches have never been sold anywhere and will never be available for purchase, so they are unique to Explorer's Club members.

    If you earn 4 unique patches, we'll send you your very own free Starbase Brewing Flight Jacket to add them to!

    Earn 2500 points across 4 different beers (10k points total) and we'll send you a free bomber jacket!